Texas Steers Ohio St. Toward Another BCS Defeat

• The Longhorns help rustle up yet another BCS bust by the Buckeyes.

Colt McCoy Texas Ohio State Fiesta Bowl

• We’re happy to share the sights of San Francisco with SbB Girl Wendy.

• Ex-Cub Lee Smith saves up hope that he’ll be called to the Hall of Fame.

• Speaking of the Baby Bears, will Sam Zell FINALLY sell?

Gus Frerotte knows why the Minnesota Vikings didn’t win on Sunday: It’s because Gus Frerotte wasn’t playing.

Plaxico Burress receives platitudes from a fellow wideout with Florida.

• Speaking of the Sunshine State, a sports radio host is sent to state prison for swindling investors of his show.

• Sexual escapades of billionaire rugby players - now that’s good reading!

• And the winner of today’s mad Matt McConaughey caption contest is…

Matthew McConaughey Texas Longhorns

Troydrake, who’s a bit Dazed& Confused with this offering: “…they stay the SAME AGE!!!  You hearin’ me?!!! No matter how old I get, the SAME AGE!”

Thanks for playing. We’ll be hiking up another fun contest tomorrow.