Texas Rangers Want Minor League Baseball Out Without Competition

RANGERS WANT MINOR BALL TO CLEAR OUT BY SUNDOWN: The folks of Grand Prairie, Texas, will vote on a proposal to publicly fund a new minor league baseball stadium.

What’s caused interest and tempers to rise in this election is a $15,000 donation by the Texas Rangers to an anti- stadium group. The major league club happens to call next-door Arlington home.

Drunk Texas Rangers fan falling

Hicks Sports Group, who owns the Rangers, Dallas Stars and half of England’s Liverpool Football Club, gave the money to a group called Citizens Against the Ballpark and For Property Tax Relief (CABFPTR?).

The city’s plan is to use a 1/8-cent sales tax to help fund ballpark construction. A similar half-cent tax increase was used to finance a local horse racing track, which will be paid off 18 years earlier than scheduled.

Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce president Davin Wilson doesn’t like the heavy-handedness of it all: “I’m just a citizen who is furious with the Texas Rangers. Why are they trying to crush our little ballpark?”

Texas Beer drinking

Because those $8 Grand Prairie seats could be going toward $8 beers at the Rangers ballpark instead.