Blog-A-Roni: Rangers Turn Shea Into Slip ‘N Slide

• 100% INJURY RATE washes up video of the Texas Rangers turning Shea Stadium into their own personal Slip ‘N Slide.

• BOBCATS PLANET punches up a clip of a Celtics fan getting a warm reception by the Staples Center crowd.

• It pains LOHUD YANKEES BLOG to reveal that the Yankees have sprained their Wang.

• MIZZOURAH (by way of EDSBS) takes a bite out of comparing Big 12 football squads to potato chips & similar salty snacks.

• With so many recent accidents, LAWN CHAIR BOYS unfold concerns that the new Cowboys stadium may be cursed.

• THE SPORTS HERNIA believes that whatever it is they think they see, becomes a NBA Championship Trophy to thee.

• HEISMAN PUNDIT gets ready for the college football season with a brand spanking new site redesign.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS pens a Father’s Day poem to the grand NBA daddy of them all, Shawn Kemp.