TX Rangers Rookies Giving Opponents The Finger

As any successful ballclub knows, the key to success isn’t the grit, it isn’t the determination, and it definitely isn’t the wins and losses on your record. What it all really comes down to is one simple question: Where’s the foam finger?

Texas Rangers foam finger

The Texas Rangers have a very simple rule about this one: the youngest player in the dugout is the keeper of the foam, to be waved heartily whenever a great defensive play is made.

It’s great to see Texas teammates pulling for each other. Just don’t pull that, uh, you know.

But it doesn’t end there for these wacky Rangers. As Richard Durrett of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS found out, that’s only the beginning.

Among the other wacky rituals the Rangers are currently partaking in:

  • Wacky hi-five hijinks!
  • Sliding on rain-delay tarps!
  • Doing something crazy when the scoreboard in lit up in 2s!
  • A pregame energy drink toast in the bullpen!
  • Josh Hamilton praying!
  • And, most wacky of all, playing chess!

Sure, they may still be 7.5 games out of first, but by-gollee, they’re having themselves some good ol’ fashioned fun out there.

Best of all, if worse comes to worse, they can use the foam finger as a soft cushioney restraint whenever Milton Bradley has one of his “episodes“.