Texas HS Cheerleaders Get Probation For Hazing

This summer we brought you the story of the Morton Ranch High School varsity cheerleaders, who got into some trouble for some bizarre hazing rituals. Included in these “rituals” were defecating in pants and placing them on a JV girl’s head, and tying girls up and throwing them in a swimming pool.

Morton Ranch High School cheerleaders

Charges were filed against the offending girls, and two of them had their punishment handed out today by the D.A.’s office in Harris County, Texas. And, all things considered, it wasn’t that bad.

Photos of crazy after the jump.

According to the HOUSTON CHRONICLE, two of the seven indicted girls were placed on probation today:

Adelynn “Addie” Garner, 18, and Hayley Spincer Davis, 17, will be on so-called pretrial diversion for a year for their parts in the July 25 incident…

The two must write a public letter of apology, complete 60 hours of community service and report to the Harris County probation office once a month, where they could be tested for drugs or alcohol.

The girls also agreed to testify against any of the other five who may end up on trial for their actions. But who goes on trial for misdemeanor hazing? The probation, plus the embarrassment of having your name plastered all over the internet should be enough for all of them to get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, here are the mugshots of the ladies. Now, one of these two is the school mascot. I’m guessing it’s the one who looks like her cat just got run over:

Cheerleaders hazing

If the girls successfully complete all of their assigned tasks, their arrest records could be expunged.