Texas HS Cheerleaders Engage In ‘Crappy’ Prank

The sports prank enjoys a long, sordid history as a way to get revenge on a teammate or rival. The pranks are usually harmless, resulting in perhaps a bit of embarrassment for the prankee. Sometimes, they’re hilarious. Other times, they’re a bit mean. Either way, they’re usually harmless but for the loss of a little dignity. At least, that’s how they’re supposed to be.

Poopy Cheerleader

Nobody explained the “harmless” part to a group of Texas high school cheerleaders who took a dump in a sock (Doody!) and smeared it in a rival cheerleader’s locker. So much for not messing with Texas.

Side note: what’s the deal with cheerleading in Texas, anyway? A Google search of “Texas cheerleader scandal” returns almost 100,000 results for several different scandals, from the Wanda Holloway scandal to 2006’s McKinney cheerleading fracas. “Mean Girls” has got nothing on Lone Star State cheerleading, according to WAOI-TV in San Antonio:

The story would have quietly faded away (or swirled down the toilet) had it not been for the intrepid reporting of THE BANDERA BULLETIN (and they said investigative journalism was dead):

Earlier this year three freshman cheerleaders broke into the gym locker of another cheerleader. According to the account of several students and their parents, one of the cheerleaders filled a sock with her feces and then spread it inside of the locker, ruining clothes and other contents. The victim’s parents elected not to pursue criminal charges so long as the district disciplined the girls responsible for the vandalism appropriately. The trio reportedly received 10 days of In School Suspension (ISS) and was ejected from the cheerleading squad for the remainder of the year.

Seems fair - the offending poopers were kicked off the team, served their time, hopefully learned their lesson, right? Of course not! Parents got involved, as parents do nowadays, claiming that the defiant defecators were the real victims:

“I tell my daughter I’m sorry they’re trying to crucify her for this mere little thing,” Janice Robinson said. “What she did was wrong. She was in ISS for 10 days, dismissed from the cheerleading squad, not able to try out, not able to participate in track. I just thought this was way overboard. They make mistakes, they’re kids.”

Yep, mistakes. Oops, I accidentally crapped in a sock and smeared it in your locker. So clumsy! You crap your bed, you gotta lie in it, that’s what momma always said.