Texas Woman Beats Disabled Kid For Soccer Ball

Americans might not all be fans of the game of soccer, but there’s no denying the sheer breathtaking violence and passion of the sport’s more extreme fans. Soccer hooliganism is something we’ve (thankfully) never really duplicated here in the States. Sure, a college town couch might go up in flames from time to time or a bar argument between opposing fans might come to blows, but by and large American fans keep sports in perspective.

Soccer Hooligans

However, one brave/stupid woman is aiming to change all that by bringing a little hooliganism to the heart of God-fearing, football-loving Texas. Her first mission? Punching a wheelchair-bound child in the head over a stray soccer ball. Mission accomplished.

Meet Waco, Texas’ very own hooligan hospitality squad, 23-year-old Mikka Shardai Cline. Take it away, DALLAS MORNING NEWS:

 Mikka Shardai Cline, 23, of Waco (right) was arrested last night on a charge of injury to a child.

Dallas police say she was in a scuffle over a soccer ball at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. It involved a wheelchair-bound 13-year-old boy, who had a pre-surgical medical halo screwed into his skull.


Police say Cline then tried to grab the ball, swinging her fist twice toward the boy in the wheelchair. It was not clear, according to a police report, whether Cline was swinging at the boy or trying to knock the ball from his lap. Her first swing missed, police say. But her second swing struck the boy’s halo, causing him pain, the police report says.

Well done, Ms Cline. You’re well on your way to bringing the lost art of hooliganism to our nation’s most soccer-fearing areas. Have fun touring the land, introducing kids to the thrill of violence in sports.

And how about that last line there? Texas is hardly a place known for understatement, but you’ve got to admire the succinct police report. One can only imagine the amount of pain a fist to the surgical halo would cause. Here’s hoping Cline finds out in jail.