Texas High Schools Failed $3 Million Steroid Test

The University Interscholastic League in Texas is the owner of the largest steroid testing program in the nation. The tests aren’t for professional athletes or cattle instead high school students are randomly sampled for ‘roids.

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The steroid testing program was approved by the Texas Legislature which allotted $6 million over two years to the UIL. The findings have been terrible so far.

According to results from Texas’ new high school steroid tests, only two kids in 10,000 came up positive this spring.

Here’s the first problem: the sample size isn’t big enough. According to an estimate from the UIL itself, about 740,000 kids play high school sports in Texas. In this first round, however, only 10,000 kids were tested. That’s a measly 1.35 percent of the student-athlete population.

They caught two out of 10,000 kids using steroids after spending $3 million for testing. Sounds like the program is off to a good start.

It would cost the state over $200 million to test all high school student athletes for steroids, but since there are no tests for HGH the results wouldn’t be that much better. You have to give it to Texas for trying, but there are probably better things to spend that kind of money on than high schoolers peeing in cups.

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