Blog-Some: Painful Sunday For Texas Asst. Coach

Sunday’s loss to Kansas was painful for Texas. Just ask this Longhorns assistant coach who gets a tap to the testicles from one of his players.

YAHOO SPORTS’ BALL DON’T LIKE dresses down one angry Blazers fan who’s ready to kill over his (or her) missing sweatshirt.

TIRICO SUAVE tosses over an amusing video compilation of Cuba Gooding Jr. ruining Jeff George’s NFL comeback.

WITH LEATHER checks their wallet, as $20 will get you a seat at the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader tryout finals.

Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader tryouts

JOE SPORTS FAN celebrates their St. Patrick’s Day by ranking their favorite Irish (and Irish-sounding) athletes.

SURVIVING GRADY wants to see the Papelbon Puppet back in action at Fenway this season.

AWFUL ANNOUNCING takes a look back at Bob Knight’s first week on ESPN - complete with dramatic music!

RANDBALL wants to know what special skill you could top Tiger Woods at.

THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE likes how the Cinderella slipper fits for Georgia.

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