Texas A&M Player Would Take An Egg For Obama

With this wonderful country of ours set to choose its next President tomorrow, as you’d expect, there are a lot of political rallies going on from sea to shining sea.  John McCain appeared on Saturday Night Live this weekend in a last ditch effort to sway some votes amongst the younger crowd, and tonight both candidates will appear on Monday Night Football, subjecting themselves to Chris Berman for a chance at the Presidency (in case you weren’t already aware you have to sell your soul to win an election).

Still, it’s not just the candidates who are out there working for votes.  In College Station a group of students at Texas A&M called the Young Conservatives of Texas organized a little get together on Friday.  Basically the entire thing was nothing but a way to slam Barack Obama and other Democrats instead of, you know, telling people why they should vote for McCain.  Part of the festivities included throwing eggs at a picture of Obama, but one A&M student athlete wouldn’t have any of it.

From the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM (via the wonderful EDSBS):

A surly student crowd saw them smearing Obama’s photo Wednesday with dozens of spattered eggs and surrounded the Rudder Plaza “carnival” to scramble it with more free speech.

According to photos and descriptions posted on the Web, a football player identified by other students as 6-foot-4 Aggies lineman Paul Freeney blocked the shelled photo of Obama.

Hey look, instead of just arguing with people about issues you can’t change anyone’s opinion of, somebody actually went and did something.   What a novel concept.   And to put his life at risk in the process — those eggs are high in cholesterol — only causes me to admire Mr. Freeney even more.

At least he knows that if his NFL dream doesn’t work out, he’ll always have a job in the Secret Service waiting should Obama get elected.

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