Texans FB Turns All-White Party Into Bloody Mess

Remind me not to go to an “all-white party” hosted by Houston Texans fullback Vonta Leach. Because from what THE ROBESONIAN is reporting, it seems like his last party at the Blackwater Grille in Lumberton, NC turned into an “all-white plus black-and-blue and blood-red party.” (And an “all-white party” at the Blackwater Grille? Oh, the irony.)

Vonta Leach

Davis was arrested earlier this week and charged with assault after being involved in an incident at 2 a.m. inside the restaurant. Which just goes to prove the adage that NFL coaches preach to players over and over again: nothing good ever comes from being at the Blackwater Grille in Lumberton, NC at 2 a.m.

Police say that two women were fighting at the restaurant and Leach was trying to get them to leave, when Reggie Locklear decided to ask Leach “who he was talking to.” Unfortunately for Locklear, who he was talking to was Mr. Smashy McBeerbottleinyourface, as Leach allegedly decided to use Locklear’s head as a recycling bin.

To say that Leach’s alleged attack is out of character is an understatement. He’s known for his charity work, including the “Shop With A Jock Christmas Drive” campaign that gives Wal-Mart gift cards to needy children in the Lumberton area. In fact, he even received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from then-President George W. Bush last year. (Another story with Bush and Blackwater? Feh!)

Next time I’m in Lumberton, I’m playing it safe and going to Denny’s. Or a strip club.