Blog-O-Rama: Pryor’s Shorts Lit Up By Buckeyes

• THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER wonders are those reflectors in Terrelle Pryor’s shorts, or is he just glad to see us?

Terrelle Pryor putting reflectors in shorts

• THE SCORES REPORT is hip-notized by this girl shaking her money maker while working the Wii Fit. (Bonus: She’ll be doing it again on MTV Tuesday.)

Darren Rovell of CNBC saw signs that the NBA wanted the Lakers & Celtics to go to a Game 6 - signs in the rolling ads at Staples Center court.

• DEADSPIN remembers the fine acting abilities of Tim Russert, as the late NBC politico tries to score some Boston College tickets.

• Another classic clip to share: Dick Vitale talking with a young Shaquille O’Neal at the 1989 McDonalds’ All-American Game.

• The BUFFALO NEWS drinks in the story of Dr. Andrew Cappuccino, the orthopedic surgeon who helped Bills TE Kevin Everett walk again.

• skates over word that if you don’t go see Mike Myers’ new film “The Love Guru”, Bob Probert will beat you up.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC learns that the guy who’s suing the Red Wings over the octopus toss not only hates hockey, but hates all sports & sports fans.

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