Terrell Suggs, Livening Up Team Pics Since 2003

Photographer: Okay, guys, let’s get in together and do this. John Beck, you’ll be there on the right. No, my right. No–right there on the edge, right where you are. Ray Rice, down in front, since you’re short. What? Oh, don’t cry. Todd Heap, let’s get you in the middle, and… wait, where’s Terrell Suggs? Terrell, do you want to be in this? No? Okay, fine, just stand off to the side, out of the shot. I’ve only got one picture left on this roll and I left the rest of the film at home, so let’s make this count. Okay, guys, count of three, let’s say “RAVENS!” One, two…

Baltimore Ravens Photobomb Terrell Suggs

Damn it, Terrell. That was going to be a very pleasant picture. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Stop giggling, guys, you’re only encouraging him. Kids these days.