T.O. Would Welcome Jessica Back to ‘Boys Games

Many Dallas Cowboys fans still see Jessica Simpson as a jiggly jinx to Tony Romo’s football career (as does the NEW YORK POST). Why, even Terrell Owens chimed in with his displeasure last season. After Tony’s woeful performance against the Eagles - a game where Jess was in attendance - T.O. lambasted Romo’s gal pal, saying she was “not a fan favorite – in this locker room or in Texas Stadium.”

Terrell Owens Jessica Simpson

But now a few months later, Owens says his critical comments were all in jest. In fact, Jessica’s welcome to park herself in T.O.’s seats anytime.

US MAGAZINE catches up with the Cowboys receiver, and although Terrell is not normally very talkative, he did share a few words regarding his previous comments about Miss Simpson. Namely, that it was all just a big joke:

“She doesn’t really know my personality. I think Tony knew I was kidding. I don’t regret it because I was just having fun. I was just teasing her. I talked to her about it and gave her a hard time about it.”

All good natured ribbing aside, T.O. says he would gladly welcome Jessica back to the Cowboys’ home field with open arms:

“I told her she is welcome to the stadium anytime. I told her she can come down and sit in my section.”

Say what you will about Owens, but he’s always accommodating to lovely ladies. Just ask Latina TV reporter Ines Sainz. Or the U.S. Olympic softball team.