reports that Jennifer Ca… reports that Jennifer Capriati is apparently dating a porn star named Dale DeBone.

A source told the website that "indeed the two are dating," but did not reveal how they met.

Some of DeBone’s *credits* include: "Analgeddon #2," "Ass Freaks #2," "Anal Driller #4," and the artistic triumph, "I Cream On Genie." (direct link)


JEANIE BUSS BEHIND LAKERS COACHING COUP? The imminent departure of Rudy T. harkens SbB back to a Jan. 26 guest appearance by Lakers Executive VP of Operations Jeanie Buss on KSPN-AM’s "Big Show."

While on the show with Steve Mason and John Ireland, Buss said that her still-current boyfriend, Phil Jackson, was intrigued by the Lakers current roster, and that he would enjoy coaching the team.

With word that Jackson is now a legitimate candidate to succeed Tomjanovich, we now know (login/pass):

A) Jackson is apparently a closet masochist. B) Buss has been plotting the return of her steady for some time. (direct link)

Coincidentally, also makes periodic appearances on the same "Big Show," including last Thursday with the SbB Girls.