Tennis Player Needs To Work On Overhead Smash

Spencer Hall of the SPORTING BLOG finds a tennis player who really needs to work on his overhead smash.

Mikhali Youzhny hits self with racket

The bloodied mess above is Mikhail Youzhny, who’s enraged intensity was on display at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami. During his match against Spain’s Nicolas Almagro, the Russian became upset after giving up a point, and tried to beat some sense into himself - with his own racket.

(Video after the jump.)

Somehow, the forehead flogging must have worked, as Youzhny came back to defeat Almagro in what THINK SPAIN called an “epic, though slightly disturbing, third round three-set classic.”

Imagine if Mikhail had lost. No doubt he would have set up an automatic ball machine to fire shots repeatedly at his crotch, before hanging himself from the umpire’s chair.