Tennis Manufacturer Wants In On Nintendo Wii Racket

• Bad omen for the Padres’ playoff chances? iWON cashes out news that San Diego hurler Jake Peavy lost his money clip at a Milwaukee casino.

• Darren Rovell of CNBC wants in on the new Nintendo Wii racket:

Prince Tennis Nintendo Wii rackets

• BRUINS NATION tries to understand the hardcore supporters of UCLA coach Karl Dorrell.

• VEGAS WATCH finds Steve Phillips’ crystal baseball, as the ESPN analyst had previously predicted the Mets’ monstrous collapse.

• AZ SPORTS HUB figures what better way to celebrate a NL West crown than by posting pics of Diamondback rookie hazings:

Arizona Diamondbacks rookie hazing

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME harps on about how Hope Solo’s little tirade helped the Women’s World Cup get some attention beyond the 4 a.m. time slot.

• Via SI’s EXTRA MUSTARD, the LANCASHIRE (UK) EVENING POST flashes a red card to a lovestruck soccer player, who sent the object of his affection a cell phone photo of himself out of his uniform - and everything else.