Sania Mirza Stalked (x2) Before Engagement Party

Just because you are taking part in an arranged marriage, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Ask Indian tennis hottie Sania Mirza, who had a lavish engagement party to celebrate her arranged to a family friend. Along with 300 of their closest friends at a five-star hotel, Mirza donned a traditional Hyderabadi bridal dress and showed off a diamond ring worth more than $200,000.

Sania Mirza tennis

But the party was hardly carefree - in fact it was surrounded by policemen who were enlisted to keep “stalkers and lovelorn youths” from trying to disrupt the event. And with good reason - the BBC says that two engineering students were arrested in the last three days for stalking the Bollywood Bomber after being heartbroken that she was soon to be off the spice market.

Ajay Singh Yadav claimed to have been in love with Mirza for five years and tried to storm the site of the party to stop the engagement. The day before, Mohammed Ashraf threatened to kill himself if the marriage wasn’t called off. Ashraf also claimed to have fallen in love with Mirza two years ago after seeing her play at a tournament in Bangalore. No wonder she decided to stop playing in the Bangalore Open - is winning a title in front of your hometown fans worth picking up a handful of new stalkers at each match?

Singh and Ashraf are being held in the same jail in Banjara Hills, which really makes me hope that they put them into the same jail cell - once they find out that the other one thinks they are Mirza’s one true love, we should have a Pier Six brawl that makes the gang fights in “American Me” look like school girl tussles.

But perhaps all hope is not lost for these two: the marriage won’t happen for another two years, meaning that there’s still time for them to woo their love. And time left for Mirza’s tennis career, since her betrothed seems to be implying that it might end when she gets hitched:

Imran Mirza said the marriage would take place only after two years.

“Sania will continue to play tennis until then,” he said.

I’m sure that will make for a happy, fulfilled marriage. On second thought, Sania, maybe you should give these two guys another look

So you have an idea of why guys are going insane - literally - over Mirza, here are some pics of her and her best assets:

Sania Mirza Photos