Tennessee State Rep Booted For General Dickery

You’d think that being a state representative - and all that entails, in terms of a high profile - would prevent someone from basically trying to get arrested at the state’s most popular football team’s stadium in the person’s home state. You’d think that, but you don’t know State Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville), and he has got so much to teach you.

State Rep Stacey Campfield in Luchador Mask
(An artist’s rendition of Mr. Campfield’s appearance at the game. If the artist had been sniffing glue all day. Which I have.)

At the Halloween game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and host Tennessee Volunteers, Mr. Campfield showed up to the game with a luchador mask (see here and here for examples) despite warnings that masks were strictly verboten. A woman and her daughters complained - likely because only al Qaeda violate security measures at a football game - and complained to a security guard.

Then things got weird.

We’ll let the TENNESSEAN take it from here:

Campfield removed the mask when confronted by police. But instead of going back to his seat, he went a different direction. When an officer asked him why, Campfield reportedly became defensive and began acting strangely.

“I began to tell him that I was not asking him to leave the section, just to take off his mask,” [Police Lieutenant Dana] McReynolds wrote. “Again he interrupted and said, ‘I was just taking a walk. Is it illegal to walk around?’ I told him ‘no,’ and was surprised by his sudden confrontational attitude. He again asked if walking around was illegal. Thinking that something was not right … I asked to see his ticket.”

When Campfield gave the officer his ticket, it was for Section LL, not Section B. McReynolds and another officer eventually escorted him from the stadium.

“He had violated the mask policy, was in the wrong section and was being argumentative and uncooperative,” McReynolds wrote.


In case you were wondering how far away Campfield was from his seat, the answer is “very very very”; here’s a map of the Neyland Stadium seating arrangement:

Neyland Stadium Seating Chart
(Click for a larger version)

In case the letters are too small, section B is at about the 20 yard line, lowest level, northeast side. Section LL, on the other hand, is the highest level at the opposite end zone. So technically in the middle of Alabama. He was nowhere near where he ought to have been, really.

So we’ll do Rep. Campfield a giant favor and say, no questions asked, that alcohol was a factor here. After all, this is dickish behavior writ large, and we’ll not be led to believe that elected representatives in this country would act as such with a sober brain dictating their life. So we hope you slept it off, good sir, welcome back to work, and please don’t talk s–t like that to cops ever again. Your constituents would probably appreciate that.