Tenn. Bible Study Game Of “Tag” Leads To Arrests

I thought about writing about a shooting on Florida A&M’s campus last night that injured the football team’s star running back just an hour or so after his team won its season opener. But there’s a much more alarming on-campus violence trend to bring to your attention.

bible study

(You know what they’re bringing to the streets? Mayhem, that’s what.)

Look out, because Christian bible study kids are apparently the new menace to society. A group of 17 members of the University of Tennessee’s Campus Crusade for Christ were arrested in Knoxville on Thursday night because police thought they were fighting amongst each other on the city’s streets. Yeah, it’s just as ridiculous as it sounds.

The director of Campus Crusade, who I assume doesn’t normally have to go into damage control over members getting thrown in the clink, says the kids were playing a “glorified game of tag” in public after their bible study meeting. If all 17 of them were together, that sounds like the worst game of tag ever. Police say it was all going a bit too far, according to the KNOXVILLE NEWS:

Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk contends that the men told the officers they were playing Fuzion, a role-playing game involving combat, and said they were “fighting and running down Cumberland Avenue” around 10 p.m. when officers intervened and ordered them to sit on the ground.

“Some were in headlocks with people trying to choke others out,” DeBusk said. “There were citizens in the area during the fighting. All 17 males were putting (not only) themselves in danger of serious bodily injury, but the citizens that were walking on the sidewalk as well.”

“It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt and possibly killed,” DeBusk said. “At that time it’s no longer fun. At that time it’s too late.”

I suppose this is police department code for “why can’t you be like the normal Christian kids and go bowling or build houses in Guatemala or something?”

The Campus Crusade director claims the kids were playing a game called “Fugitive,” which is just a game of tag on a large scale (like throughout a city). But police say the students told them they were playing “Fuzion,” which is a combat-related role-playing game you’re supposed to play with dice, and not fists.

The lesson to be learned? If you see a bunch of kids gathering in your neighborhood after youth group, expect violence to erupt at any minute.