Tell-Tale Heart: Fan Pays Tribute To Balto Donor

The SEATTLE TIMES has a story on a 24-hour turncoat NFL fan who, for once, won’t make you blanche (unlike some people we know).

Jeff Hansen Receives Donor Heart From Ravens Fan

Diehard Seahawks fan Jeff Hansen was normal, early-30s kind of guy until last year, when he suddenly became sick and “was diagnosed in 2004 with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy. He had an enlarged heart that did not pump properly. He had a pacemaker installed, and in 2006 was put on the transplant list.

A few weeks later, Hansen received his donor heart from a fallen police officer named Michael Watts. Watts, a devoted Baltimore Ravens fan, was killed in a car accident. His wife was nine months pregnant at the time and “she gave birth to their second daughter the same day Hansen received her husband’s heart.

To pay tribute to Watts, Hansen wore Ravens gear at the Seattle-Balto game last Sunday at Qwest Field. He later sent the Ravens merch to Watt’s family, and hopes to start a nonprofit foundation named after his donor.