Teleconference Trifecta Hits Big, Thanks To Pack

In the past couple weeks, we’ve had the Big East coaches’ media teleconference pranked. The SEC women’s coaches teleconference pranked, and now the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL reports on somehow even more slap-happy teleconference fun.

Green Bay Packers Cell Phone

During a call to announce a new five-year contract for Packers coach Mike McCarthy yesterday, “the coach’s conference call with Wisconsin reporters was interrupted for about 20 seconds when a TV reporter mistakenly piped in audio from an episode of the courtroom show “Judge Judy.” A woman’s voice, describing a road-rage incident, twice could be heard saying “he gave us the finger” before the audio cut out.

McCarthy, who was on the line from the Pro Bowl, said (as reporters laughed), “Well, hey, use all of her quotes — they’re a lot better than mine.

The Green Bay coach might as well be serious, since that would describe the reaction of NFL players when asked if they would attend the Pro Bowl this year.