Astros’ Tejada Could Be Saying Adios to the U.S.A.

Miguel Tejada

Because of a small fib, Miguel Tejada could be saying adios to America.

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that Tejada’s citizenship status is in trouble if it’s determined he lied to federal agents about using steroids.

The new Houston Astro was questioned in 2005, after Rafael Palmeiro claimed he tested positive for steroids because Tejada gave him tainted B-12 vitamins. Miguel responded that he never took the stuff and didn’t know any other players who did.However, as mentioned in the Mitchell Report, ex-Oakland teammate Adam Piatt said he supplied Tejada with steroids after the shortstop asked him about it.

If Tejada is found guilty of perjury, that could be enough to get the player kicked out of the country.

The native of the Dominican Republic is a legal U.S. resident with a green card. But Houston attorney Alexandre Afanassiev says if Tejada is convicted, he could lose his card for committing a crime of “moral turpitude”:

Immigration Office

“So, the question then becomes, how long did he have his green card? Why? Because the law says that if you had your green card for less than five years and then committed a crime of moral turpitude, you can be subject to deportation. In other words, they can take your green card away because of that crime and (have you) sent home.”

Currently, Tejada makes his offseason home back in the D.R. If the feds find he lied about steroids, he might as well stay there - because he won’t be allowed back into the U.S.