Teens Guilty In Locker Room Assault By Urination

What 14-year-old kid hasn’t tackled one of his football teammates in the locker room before practice and held him down while another kid urinates on him? According to one defense attorney, this amounts to just “goofing around” and is the sort of thing that happens all the time.

Locker Room

But a Pennsylvania judge decided that this constitutes harrassment, and found the kid guilty of that charge. The urinator himself already pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. But will these rulings set a precedent that any incident of “horseplay” will turn into a legal case?

Lawyer Scott Wilhelm is trying to make that point, although the notion that peeing on someone is covered in the scope of “boys being boys” makes the argument fall flat.

The ALLENTOWN (PA) MORNING CALL has Wilhelm’s protest:

Wilhelm argued that if the boy was found guilty, it would set a “dangerous precedent” and clog the courts with cases the police file every time boys “goof around.”

Wilhelm’s lesson: If you get peed on, just take it like a man. Luckily, some logic and reason prevailed in this case.

The 13-year-old victim was micturated upon prior to a September football practice at a middle school in Wilson, PA. None of the kids involved in the situation have had their names released.

The boy found guilty of harrassment was fined $268, which will teach his parents a lesson, because there’s no way the kid has that kind of dough lying around.