Teen Tennis Sensation Oudin Kicked Out of Hotel

One of the more entertaining surprises of this year’s US Open - apart from Novak Djokovic impersonating John McEnroe & Johnny Mac’s response - has been Melanie Oudin, the 17-year-old from Marietta, Georgia, who’s made a memorable run to the quarterfinals, knocking off such bigger names as Maria Sharapova & Elena Dementieva.

Melanie Oudin New York City

(Melanie hits the NYC streets, looking for a room for the night)

And the city of New York has embraced this teen tennis sensation as she continues her improbable streak. Well, everyone except the Marriott Hotel in Times Square.

According to SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY, Oudin was kicked out the Marriott on Sunday. Was Melanie acting like a typical teen, holding late-night parties in her room while flushing the sheets down the toilet? Nope, it was just that her reservation was up.

Oudin only had reservations for the first week of the US Open, as she wasn’t expected to be still playing in the tournament for this long. However, it didn’t sound like the Marriott was willing to give Melanie an extension. So her agent, John Tobias, got her booked into the Intercontinental instead.

As a result, the Marriott may have lost some future business, as Tobias, president of BEST Tennis, declared, “Obviously, we will not be sending any of our players back to that hotel.”

And that hotel’s response? Why, they didn’t even know she was staying there!

The Marriott could not confirm Oudin was staying there, spokesperson Kathleen Duffy said. She said it was possible Oudin was staying there registered under a different name.

Marriott management could always check the hotel registers for a Hugh Jass or I.P. Freely. You know how those teens are with their wacky pseudonyms!