Teeing Up With Some Tiger Woods Impersonators

It’s not easy being Tiger Woods. With all that fame & fortune, commercials & photo shoots, knee surgery recovery, new babies arriving, and celebrities hounding you for golf lessons, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Sometimes Tiger must wish there were more of him just to deal with it all.

Tiger Woods impersonator

(It’s Tiger Woods - OR IS IT??????)

Lucky for him, there are plenty of Tigers around. At least there are plenty who look like the world’s most famous golfer. And those that share the same famous face can swing some pretty sweet deals.

Jason Sobel of ESPN.COM chats it up with a trio of pseudo-Tigers and learns about some of their exciting adventures. 37-year-old Herme Chua (pictured above) has appeared on “Family Feud” and “Live with Regis and Kelly”. 37-year-old Canh Oxelson has earned up to $3,000 per appearance at corporate outings. And 40-year-old Al Smith has experienced the most greatest thrill of them all - being bothered by airline passengers asking him about his knee.

It’s all well and fun (and profitable) to play pretend Tiger. But it’s not always full-time work - Chua, Oxleson & Smith are booked anywhere from 5 to 24 appearances a year. Still, it is nice to get some extra scratch by not doing anything except looking like somebody famous:

“Even in my own career (Dean of students at Harvard-Westlake School in L.A.), people remember the guy who looks like Tiger Woods,” says Oxelson, 37, from Studio City, Calif. “If you’re looking for a job in this economy, you want them to remember you. It’s not bad to look like Tiger. They’ll remember you because of that.”

Jessica Simpson fat

And for these fake Tigers, it’ll also maybe help them get to spend some time parked right behind Jessica Simpson, holding her arms & rubbing their crotch against her backside as they teach her how to swing. Hey, she’ll never know the difference.