Blog-O-Rama: Teddy Bear Toss At Hockey Game

• FUNKY FRESH VIDS went to a hockey game, and a teddy bear toss broke out:

• With all the attention given to the Sean Taylor tragedy, TIRICO SUAVE asks not to forget another athlete in critical condition - Cleveland Indians reliever Juan Lara.• HOME RUN DERBY hears that Jimmy Rollins thinks the Phillies have 100 wins in them next season.• DEADSPIN believes its time the Giants say bye-bye to Eli:

Eli Manning sack

• HALOS HEAVEN reports a snag in talks to bring Miguel Cabrera to Anaheim.• MSN and POPULAR MECHANICS break down the anatomy of a football hit.

• INSIDE USC tunes in news that Thursday’s Trojans-Sun Devils game was one of the highest-rated Thanksgiving college games ever:

usc arizona state

• DEUCE OF DAVENPORT flies high with these college kids attempting a real-life game of quidditch.• MY FOX KANSAS CITY shares the spotlight, as Mark Mangino & Gary Pinkel are both named Big 12 Co-Coaches of the Year.