Tech Trainer, Doc: Backtrack On Leach Support?

UPDATE: (5:28p ET): The affidavits to the school, contrary to the Dallas Morning News report below, actually were notarized on Jan. 1, not Dec. 21 & 22. So the new statements by Tech trainer and doctor to the school came after they made prior statements favorable to Leach’s cas.

UPDATE (4:17p ET): Kate Hairopoulos of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS:

Mike Leach Fired

In Tech’s affidavits, Pincock and Phy state that James was mistreated by Leach. The ones released by the Leach representative, on the other hand, backed up Leach’s version of events.

The university’s accounts are dated Dec. 21 and 22, while the accounts from Leach’s representative were dated Dec. 25 and 31st.


Pincock’s affidavit from the university is dramatically inconsistent with the one released by the Leach side.

So it appears Pincock and Phy gave an account favorable to Texas Tech and then changed their accounts when speaking to Leach’s lawyers - so those stories would favor the Texas Tech coach.

Embarrassing and unsurprising.

Now the big question: WHY did Texas Tech wait this long to release statements from the team’s trainer and doctor that contradict what the pair later said on the record to Leach’s lawyers?

Betsy Blaney of the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports this afternoon:

A Texas Tech athletic trainer told university officials he did not agree with Mike Leach’s treatment of receiver Adam Jones after the player was diagnosed with a concussion.

In an affidavit obtained Saturday by The Associated Press, Texas Tech head athletic trainer Steve Pincock says he told James he was “sorry” for having placed the player inside an equipment shed near the practice field.

On Dec. 21, Pincock spoke with Tech officials, telling them that he did not agree with that “form of treatment for anyone” and that Leach “wanted James to be uncomfortable.”

In an interview a day later, team physician Dr. Michael Phy told university officials that James “may not have been harmed” but he “considered this practice inappropriate.”

Interesting that Pincock and Phy have been previously portrayed as not disagreeing with Leach’s treatment of Adam James. Pincock also having admitted that he made the decision where to confine James.

As Pincock and Phy remain in the employ of Texas Tech, their backtracking, if that is what is actually happening here, comes as no surprise.

Also, is it unreasonable to think that Tech could’ve waiting until after the team’s Alamo Bowl game today to release the affidavits from Pincock and Phy? Timing elicits a whiff of desperation.