Tech Fill-In Coach Wants Leach Job: ‘Double Yes’

Here’s a summary of salient comments from Texas Tech interim coach Ruffin McNeill at his Wednesday press conference in San Antonio. Quotes include his thoughts on Mike Leach, the now-vacant Texas Tech coaching job and his approach with Adam James:

Ruffin McNeill wants Mike Leach's job

(McNeill wasn’t around for Leach’s last stand)

Ruffin McNeill on his close relationship to Mike Leach and if he wants to be hired as head football coach: “I have not spoken with Coach Leach (since firing). It’s a tough situation but professionalism must override everything. Yes I’m very interested in the job. Double yes with exclamation marks. I’m very interested in being the coach of Texas Tech.

On if Adam James will play Jan 2 against Michigan State: “(James) will not be available for football game to play (because of lingering concussion symptoms).”

On Leach firing: “I didn’t know it could happen. The shock was there. You have to be ready to adjust.

On his communication with the Texas Tech administration: “Haven’t had a chance to speak to anyone.

On what he’s said to Adam James: “Nothing been personally said to Adam. Didn’t think I needed to, the focus should be on the entire team. … I grabbed him on the elevator and put my arm around him. I’m sure he understands where I am with him. I made that clear to him.

On what he’ll say to Leach when he finally speaks to him: “I love him, we’ve been through a lot. He gave me an opportunity to come to Tech. I’ll ask him how he’s doing. The rest we’ll keep personal.

On Texas Tech receivers coach Lincoln Riley criticizing Adam James and if that affects his relationship with James: “I judge a man for who he is. For me, I treat the players how I treat the players. I don’t judge them (based on how others judge them).

On recruiting: “Very important we keep this class together. It will be one of the best classes we’ve signed if everything goes through. Hope I’m not saying anything I’m not supposed to. I’m optimistic this thing will get handled quickly and I’m looking forward to being a part of that.”