Tebow Torn On Returning To Terrorize SEC Teams

• Before he begins his senior season, should Tim Tebow follow God’s work in the Philippines, or stay a god in Gainesville?

Tim Tebow Hooters Girl Gainesville

• All 34 bowl games are now squared away. I was really worried about who would get invites to the PapaJohns.Com Bowl.

• One ESPN.com contestant’s Streak for the Cash reaches 25 games - and $1 million dollars!

• Blimey! Could we really see a U.S. pro team in London within 3 years?

• Virginia football coach Al Groh: “Merry Christmas, son. You’re fired.”

• USC could impress the BCS with a conference championship game, if Utah & BYU join the Pac.

• Once again, Ron Santo doesn’t get the call from Cooperstown.

• Could the current economic crisis spell curtains for the Phoenix Coyotes?

• And the winner of today’s Somethin’s Fish-y caption contest is…

Derek Fisher Tyronn Lue

pereztech, who chose to exercise this option:

I will never understand Pilates, i guess it must be a white thing!

Thanks for playing. Hope y’all can choke down another contest tomorrow.