Tebow Tears FSU Apart After Teammate Booed

See what happens when you tick off the mighty Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow all muddy

(”You wanna piece of me?“)

It was inevitable that Florida would steamroll Florida State on Saturday, and that they did with a 45-15 blowout. It might have been a more tolerable final score, had Seminole fans not angered the Gators QB with a little mid-game unsportsmanlike conduct.

It wasn’t anything they did to him, but to his buddy Percy Harvin.

During the second quarter, Harvin was knocked out with a right ankle injury. Instead of the ‘Noles fans at Doak Campbell Stadium politely applauding for the injured Gator, they booed.

Well, such a lack of respect really got Timmy’s jean shorts in a bunch. As he told the ORLANDO SENTINEL:

“I was pretty irritated at that … I don’t think that showed very good sportsmanship. I really told Coach to give me the ball because I really wanted to hit somebody extremely hard the next play.”

Two plays later, Tebow turned that aggression into a 4-yard TD run, and the rout was on.

But wanting to go out and hit somebody? Was this the same Tebow who calmly & coolly helped circumcise children in the Philippines?

So, good going, FSU. You only made it worse for yourself. As for Tebow, this kind of compassion for teammates certainly helps his case for a second straight Heisman. No wonder he gets all the bikini-clad babes.