Tebow: JJones Reax, Why He Has Lost Sponsors

Mike Organ of the NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN reports today that, “Tim Tebow was the featured speaker Saturday at an athletics banquet at Lipscomb University.

Tim Tebow Reacts To Comments Made About Him By Jerry Jones

(Tebow “Athletic Banquet” Appearance: $50 a Throw)

Tebow spoke to 5,200 people, each paying $50 apiece, inside Lipscomb’s Allen Arena. The event was described on the school’s website as “the second annual Don Meyer Evening of Excellence. The speech was the culmination of a full day of activities including Tim and his parents, Pam and Bob Tebow.

Tebow Parents At Lipscomb: $5

(Tebow Parents “Athletic Banquet” Appearance: $5 a Throw)

Tebow’s speech to attendees was described by the school’s website thusly:

Like most people who successfully follow their dreams Tim Tebow has accomplished his goals through his focus, hard work and his faith in Jesus Christ.

Tebow, who took time to provide his support to Lipscomb only a few days before the NFL Draft, plans to use his pro career as a platform for presenting his beliefs.

“The NFL is not the end for me. It is a means to an end. It will give me a platform to hopefully make a difference.”

Though he didn’t cover it in his speech, Tebow discussed the recent comment Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones made about him.

Via Organ of the TENNESSEAN:

Tebow broke into laughter Saturday when asked about Jones’ remarks.

“I don’t even take that as an offense, he was just having fun,” Tebow told a group of reporters earlier in the day.

During his speech Tebow said he hadn’t decided yet if he’d attend the NFL Draft:

“I’m going to be with my family and that’s one of the big things for us, is how many of the family can come to New York? The most important thing is being with my family and (Florida) Coach (Urban) Meyer wants to be there and some of the other coaches from Florida and a few of my best friends. I will decide sometime next week. I just have to pray about it and talk with my family about it.”

Also during the speech, Tebow claimed that he lost potential endorsement deals because of his anti-abortion Super Bowl commercial. From Ben Volin of the PALM BEACH POST:

As to his first tenet, standing for what he believes in, Tebow told the crowd that multiple companies told him before the Super Bowl that they could not let him represent their products if he went ahead with his pro-life commercial at the Super Bowl. But Tebow said losing sponsors was a small price to pay for the ability to spread his message about family and faith.

No surprise that Tebow would lose the level of sponsorship he desired because of his Super Bowl ad appearance. When dealing with enormous, high-profile companies, anything that involves an opinion that may divide an audience isn’t going to be looked upon favorably by an business enterprise trying to reach and persuade the majority of the population.