Teary UGA AD: ‘pair of red panties between legs’

I’ve obtained the recently-released Georgia State Patrol incident report of the DUI arrest of Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans.

Damon Evans Police Report DUI Arrest

(You can read complete incident report here)

From the arresting officer’s narrative, Evans admitted that he had consumed three liquor drinks when he was pulled over and said after the officer approached his vehicle, “I am not trying to bribe you but I’m the athletic director of the University of Georgia.”

Other notable excerpts from the narrative:

When the officer told Evans that he was impaired and should not be driving, Evans said, “maybe so.”

The officer reported that during the traffic stop at one point Evans said, “I feel pretty good.” The officer noted Evans then “smiled and laughed for no apparent reason.

The officer described the passenger in the car, 28-year-old Courtney Fuhrman, as “loud and obnoxious.” When the officer arrested Fuhrmann, Evans said, “I have a young lady and she is intoxicated and I’m just trying to get her home. I apologize and don’t want to use my influence but she is trying to protect me.

When Evans was arrested the officer wrote that the Georgia AD “admitted again that he’d been drinking and started crying.”

The officer wrote, “I noticed that the subject (Evans) had a red pair of lady’s panties between his legs. … I asked the subject what the panties were doing in his side of the seat and he stated, ’she took them off and I held them because I was just trying to get her home. … I don’t want to use who I am but I would ask that you take me to a motel.’”

The officer later wrote, “I asked Ms. Fuhrmann how long they’d been seeing each other and she said, ‘only about a week or so‘”.

At one point, Fuhrmann said to the officer, “I promise you one thing he (Evans) will get off.  Just to let you know it will be erased because he is the athletic director of UGA and he has that power.”

The report also stated that as the officer was taking the Georgia AD to jail, Evans “began crying uncontrollably.”

As noted yesterday, Evans is married with two children. At a press conference yesterday he told the media that the passenger in the vehicle, 28-year-old Courtney Fuhrman, was “just a friend.”

Courtney Fuhrmann Photo Mugshot Arrested During Damon Evans DUI

Evans is scheduled to appear in Atlanta Municipal Court on July 12 to enter a plea to the DUI charge.