First Timer TCU With Year’s Best GameDay Sign

Best GameDay sign I’ve seen this year that thankfully isn’t a gratuitous off-color reference:

(Upset: TCU students give us best GameDay sign o’ season)

Well-played, Frog fans. Amazing that you can actually display something genuinely funny and original without it referencing a bodily function or sexual orientation. Sadly though, saw no references to “IT’S RAINING FROGS, GET ON YOUR KNEES!

My breakdown of USC-Stanford and pick after the jump.

I’ve had a lot of people, including multiple sports radio shows, ask me about my pick for today’s Stanford-USC game, so here goes from here in Los Angeles …

I was covering USC for the Trojans’ flagship radio station when Pete Carroll first hit town. I did pre- and postgame radio for the USC broadcasts for Carroll’s first three seasons. Even including those tough early times during the program’s turnaround, I never saw Carroll panicked. Until now.

Since Norm Chow and other experienced, quality assistant coaches left after USC’s national title run, the Trojans could get by by out-talenting the opposition. Not anymore. The team doesn’t have any dominate players this season, and lacks the depth we’ve become accustomed to. Most importantly, Carroll has now surrounded himself with inexperienced yes-men on his coaching staff, leaving USC that much more vulnerable.

While everyone is talking about Toby Gerhart going into USC-Stanford today at The Coli, the Stanford defense and its true frosh signal-caller will be the key to victory. A victory that I think will happen for Harbaugh & Co.

Worst part for Carroll today: his personal pet, Matt Barkley, won’t even be the best true freshman QB on the field. That title will belong to Cardinal QB Andrew Luck. Wait ’til you see him deal on the beleaguered Trojan D.

Stanford 28, USC 24.