TBS Thinks Yanks Are Headed To The Postseason

Does anything scream Major League Baseball like that dude from “Moonlight and Valentino” singing a country music song? (Correct answer: Yes, everything.)

TBS loves Yankees

More impressive than Jon Bon Jovi — the visionary responsible for Slippery When Wet — getting all countrified in this TBS spot for the upcoming playoffs, is the breaking news that the Yankees are “expected to be competing in this year’s postseason.” Video evidence after the jump.

BASEBALL THINK FACTORY offers some background:

The generous PR folks over at TBS just sent along their new postseason ad to premiere on the Stew before it hits heavy rotation on television and in movie theaters this weekend. Set to a rendition of “I Love This Town” that Bon Jovi recorded at the All-Star Concert in Central Park … features, according to the press release, “some of the players expected to be competing in this year’s Postseason.”

Wow, the Yankees are “expected to be competing in this year’s Postseason”. Blink and you will miss the Twins, who are only one game out in the Central. You will completely miss the Blue Jays, who, y’know, are closer to the playoffs then the Yankees…

The difference, of course, is that nobody cares about the Twins or Blue Jays, while the entire country lives and dies (mostly dies) with every Yankees game.

And by “entire country” I obviously mean the TBS marketing folks. Seriously, when the majority of baseball fans are forced to agree with Curt Schilling, something has gone horribly awry.

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