TBS Shows Their Bloopers Over Rays’ Mistakes

TBS couldn’t show the first inning of Game Six of the ALCS Saturday night because of an unplanned power outage that prevented them from routing feeds out to their viewership.  Rays fans would have preferred to stick with the Steve Harvey marathon that TBS used to fill dead air as the Rays lost 4-2, forcing Game 7 Sunday night.

(By the way, a Steve Harvey marathon consists of trying to elicit 26.2 laughs in under three hours.  Ironically, Harvey himself has never completed this endurance event.)

Indian test pattern

(Look!  It’s a Braves game on TBS!)

They did show an unintentional sense of humor about the matter, though, when their first bit of filler was the Dick Clark cheapie vehicle, “TV’s Bloopers and Crap We Found on Satellite Feeds in the 1990s”.

Chip Caray also showed a perverse sense of humor by noting to fans upon his return to the airwaves, “You didn’t miss much.”  No, just B.J. Upton’s 87th home run in the playoffs into the catwalk.  And, you know, the first inning of the ALCS Game Six contest.  If it wasn’t that important, maybe TBS can just skip showing it through 2013.