Tank Johnson is Not Too Happy with the Redskins

The Dallas Cowboys are essentially the New York Yankees of the NFL. If you’re not a Cowboys fan, then you hate them. There is no NFL fan who is indifferent to the Cowboys.   Still, there’s nobody in this country who hates the Cowboys like the Washington Redskins or a Redskins fan. One friend of mine in particular hates the Cowboys with such a zeal, that if Tony Romo’s corpse was to show up in a dumpster somewhere, I’d seriously have to wonder if it was my friend who killed him.

So there’s no doubt that the Redskins and their fans enjoyed their victory over the Cowboys at Texas Stadium yesterday, but according to one Cowboy, they may have taken things a bit too far. It turns out that Tank Johnson isn’t a very big fan of Washington’s Rock Cartwright at the moment.


Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Tank Johnson had to be restrained after return specialist Rock Cartwright stood on the 50-yard line star at Texas Stadium yesterday as he celebrated Washington’s 26-24 victory.

“This is how it is. When you win, you win with class. When you lose, you lose with class,” Johnson said. “One of their guys, Cartwright, took it upon himself to celebrate on our star.

“It’s the fourth game of the season. No one has accomplished anything but a win. That’s just disrespectful and I don’t think we’d do that to them. And I’m surprised he did that to us.”

To which Rock replied:

“He was a little frustrated that we won,” Cartwright said. “He got mad that I went and stood at the middle of the star.

“I went to say hello to everybody, and he got mad that I stood at the middle of the star. It is what it is. I’m past it. I’m not worried about it. I think they’re just mad that we came in and got a win today. It’s part of the game. You win some, you lose some.”

Seriously, Tank, get over it buddy. It’s not like he peed on the thing, he just stood on it. Besides, I don’t know if you’re aware of it or not (though I’m pretty sure you weren’t in prison at the time), but Rock Cartwright isn’t the first person to celebrate on that star.

I believe there was one other guy who actually ran to the star after scoring a touchdown during a game a few years ago. What was his name?

Oh yeah, Terrell Owens. You know, the guy who’s about six lockers down from you at the moment. Go cry to him about it.

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