Tampa Bay Bucs VP Joel Glazer Accused of Ruining Rental Home in Palm Beach

If the Tampa Bay Bucccaneers can tear apart their roster and rebuild in time for the 2007 regular season as quickly as their team VP and his wife can tear up a rental house, Vegas may have to adjust the odds on their playoff chances.

According to a story in the PALM BEACH POST, the owner of an $8.5 million Palm Beach home that he rented out to Bucs VP Joel Glazer and his wife Angela at $60,000 a month was so trashed that “it looked like a rock band had lived there.”

That kinda damage from this guy?

Glazer, the son of team owner Malcolm Glazer, is being sued by home owner Guy Henderson for $300,000 plus back rent and damages. Part of the damage includes holes drilled in floors and walls to install a giant safe that they took with them when they left - without notice.

What could have been in that safe so important? A non-binding contract to get Tony Dungy back as the Bucs’ coach?