Take A Swing At Steroid-Enhanced Online Game

Ever wonder what it was like to be a professional baseball player, and have to go through the morally-questionable decision about taking steroids? Well, now you have the chance! (Sort of.)

baseball juiced

A video game production company called Addicting Games (owned by Nickelodeon, no less) has come out with “Baseball *Juiced”, an online mini-adventure where you play a season or two or three or infinity as a big league slugger - with or without help from Mr. Syringe.

And when I say ‘mini’, I mean it - each season lasts only ten pitches long. (”Mini” can also describe the condition of your testicles after you decide to use steroids in real life.)

At the beginning of each “season”, you’re asked to select which pro you’d like to play as - A-Fraud, Marty McWeird, Josie Conswaco, Jasen Gambini, Berry Bombs, or Slugger Slimeberry. (Gee, I wonder how they came up with those names?)

After choosing your chump, you’re then asked to select your choice of off-season training: steroids or the gym. Now you’re off to home plate to start swinging at some fast ones! But be careful if you take the pill-popping route - each season includes a random drug test that could ruin your career if you’re not careful!

Got the idea? Then go here and have a ball! (There is some music playing throughout the game, so keep you cubicle speakers turned down. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any on-screen “mute” button.)