Most Hideous Thing On The Pitch Since Rooney

America - the country that brought you jorts, Zubaz, and anything to grace Pauly Shore’s body - will not cede its title of Worst Dressed Nation without a fight. That extends to the fields of play as well. The Tampa Bay Creamsicles, San Diego Predators, and Atlanta Curvy Lines will take on all comers in the Most Hideous Team Garment Ever competition.

Jorge Campos enjoys shiny objects

(Jorge and the Technicolor Dreamkit)

The rest of the world hates to be upstaged by the United States in any category, though. Therefore, the soccer-playing nations of the world have spent the last twenty-five years gathering the best of the nepotistic, egotistic, and legally blind uniform designers they had to create the Ten Worst Football Kits ever. Peer into the pastel abyss if you dare!

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