Chinese Soccer Ref Attack Leads To Lifetime Ban

First things first: trying to attack a referee is poor form for any number of reasons. You’re not going to accomplish a damn thing other than getting yourself in a metric assload of trouble. Punching somebody isn’t worth it.

(I was at a soccer match…

Chinese Ref attack
and a track and field meet broke out! Yes? No? Fine, no. Whatever.)

It’s very, very, very not worth it in that bastion of freedom, China. A young soccer player named Zhao Shitong (heh) went after a referee who dared give him a red card after a not-so-subtle stomp on an opposing player’s stomach. Video of the foul and the subsequent attack are after the break.

Unfortunately for Shitong, the Chinese Football Association was all too eager to put on their Keyser Soze hats when it came to meting out punishment.

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