Zach Thomas’ Wife Knows Ryan Moats’ Cop Well

NFL player Zach Thomas’ wife, Maritza Thomas, must have had a deja vu moment when she saw the story of Texans RB Ryan Moats and the abuse he took on his way to see his dying mother-in-law.  That’s because the same cop that stopped Moats once jailed her for three hours and issued five tickets for an illegal U-turn.

Zach Thomas blow up doll

(Artist’s rendering of Zach Thomas’ reaction to his wife’s jailing)

The heinous acts (besides the U-turn) that caused five tickets to be issued last July included an incorrect address on a driver’s license and missing a registration sticker on her windshield.  For this, she spent approximately five hours in police custody and then had four of the citations waived in court.

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Zach Spurns Pats For ‘Boys; Rex Signs With Bears

Mike Florio at PRO FOOTBALL TALK reports that Zach Thomas has agreed to a deal with the Dallas Cowboys that “carries a $1 million signing bonus and a $1 million base salary in 2008. Thomas also can earn up to $1 million in incentives. Though it’s technically a multi-year deal, the structure will make it essentially a one-year relationship.

Zach Thomas Miami Dolphins

The multi-concussed, former Texas Tech Red Raider had previously met with the Patriots (who offered him a contract on the spot) and the New Orleans Saints.

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Blog-A-Roni: Sharapova Fooled By Mosquito Nets

ON THE BASELINE serves up word that Maria Sharapova’s promise of a new tennis facility may have been the victim of a Vietnamese joke.

Maria Sharapova shorts smile

ESPN’s HASHMARKS knows of one NFL combine combatant not afraid to get his Kenny Chesney on.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK hikes over word that the Saints have made an offer to Zach Thomas.

JOE SPORTS FAN needs a friend, as Kelvin Sampson is pretty unpopular with Facebook users.

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Blog-O-Rama: Erin Andrews Behind…The Scenes

• INSOMNIAC’S LOUNGE finds some more super shots of sideline siren Erin Andrews during her skin-tight stint at UCLA. For example, this Bruin backer ignores new football coach Rick Neuheisel for a sight more scintillating:

Erin Andrews butt

• The fine fellows at’s IN YOUR GRILL give SbB a shout-out.

• MR. IRRELEVANT knows that when your b-ball team’s up by 40 with only two minutes left, everything’s gonna be all white.

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Devean George Makes a Mess Of Mavs-Nets Trade

If Roger Clemens gets a presidential pardon, we want one, too.

• Who would’ve thought Devean George would be such a power player in NBA trade talks?

Devean George hanging on hoop

• Meanwhile, the Association is gazing across the pond, as there’s plans to put teams in Europe.

Len Pasquarelli must like his job, as the ESPN writer is back at work after quintuple-bypass surgery.

• But Dan Patrick isn’t as gung-ho about the Worldwide Leader, as he takes a jab at his ex-employer & Chris Berman.

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Zach Thomas’ Playing Days With Dolphins Zapped

The Dolphins’ extreme makeover continues. Just a few days after releasing Trent Green & 8 other players, Miami management has told Zach Thomas to take a hike.

Zach Thomas Miami Dolphins

The SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL reports that the 7-time Pro Bowler “was told by the Dolphins’ new management that he no longer fits into the team’s long-term plans, and will be released today.” Read more…

Blog-A-Roni: Zach Thomas Does The Soulja Boy

• How does a Dolphin deal with a 0-10 season? YOU BEEN BLINDED learns that Zach Thomas tries to dance his blues away with the Soulja Boy:

• Speaking of gettin’ down, DISCO TECH dances with joy over the Red Raiders’ ambush of the Sooner Schooner.• THE WIZARD OF ODDS talks mad money, as college football’s highest-paid coach just lost to the lowest-paid one.

• PART MULE checks their watch, as it takes only 38 years for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to enter the college basketball hall of fame:

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Airplane!

• The NEW YORK POST scores it 30-love, as tennis queen Serena Williams is seen settling for a Common-er.• The BOSTON GLOBE finds workers at Fenway Park taking the Hot Stove League a little too literally.