Concussions On YouTube Are Awesome, Important

Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this right now, you’re probably a male sports fan. And that means you’ve probably spent a substantial amount of time on YouTube watching football players get absolutely destroyed. There’s like eleventy million clips of “HARDEST HIT EVER” on there, and 90% of them are spectacular.

Jon Lifshitz Watches A Guy Get Wrecked
(”Remember to take notes, guys, and make sure they say more than “THIS IS AWESOME” over and over. We’ve had this problem a lot lately.”)

Another substantial amount of them - and the overlap’s heavy here - involve head injuries. Concussions, to be precise. And while some University of Kentucky scientists were wasting time by watching clips of fellow Wildcat Myron Pryor knock a Georgia receiver into the next decade, they decided to turn the activity into an experiment - one that actually proved fruitful.

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SEC Is Just Misunderstood With This New Policy

Recall the news yesterday that the SEC was planning massive restrictions on usage of things like highlights and, according to TECHDIRT, “memories.” These days, it’s part and parcel of any giant new digital media deal, but it’s all so 20th century all the same.

tebow sec title
(But how in the world are we supposed to genuflect before Tebow if most of the Internet can’t regularly use his likeness?)

After all, a ban on YouTube highlights? A 72 hour window to use highlights? Restrictions that only salaried media employees can cover SEC events? No twittering from the game, even from fans?! Heh… funny thing about that guys, you’d never guess; the SEC needs some time to tweak those rules just a tad.

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Hope You Don’t Enjoy SEC Highlights On YouTube

One aspect of the SEC’s $2.25 billion deal with ESPN that, frankly, we all should have seen coming is the inevitable overprotection of the digital rights to the games and - more importantly - their highlights.

Florida Auburn kick

So with that in mind, try not to be too shocked that the SEC is going to keep their highlights to themselves. And we’re not talking about just online, either.

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Want To Talk With Ron Artest? Pick Up The Phone

Whether you love it or hate it, 2009 is going to go down in history as the year social media busted out into the mainstream. It’s taken everyone by storm, but for pro athletes especially it’s a way to “keep it real” with fans in real time while still keeping them at a safe distance. Shaq may have started the craze, but it’s been people like Stephon Marbury and Ron Artest that have taken social media to new extremes.

Ron Artest iPhone China

And while Starbury has used it mostly to show the world how insane he is, Artest has embraced the opportunity to show his less-punchy side to the world. Just last week he was setting the story straight regarding his role in The Brawl, but he was only getting warmed up. Not content to interact with his fans a mere 140 characters at a time, Artest spent his latest video blogs talking directly to his fans, via telephone, from China, after he Tweeted out his actual cellphone number. Your move, Shaq.

(Video and more after the jump.)

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Martellus Bennett Defends ‘Black Olympics’ Video

Note to Martellus Bennett: This is not exactly how Spike Lee started out. While the concept of a “Black Olympics” — speed eating watermelon and fried chicken, among other stereotypical delicacies  — may have looked funny on paper, the Dallas Cowboys’ tight end would do well to run his student films by a focus group before unleashing them on the public.

Martellus Bennett

After a rather significant media backlash over Bennett’s YouTube masterpiece, the aspiring filmmaker and part-time NFL player has had to take to the airwaves for damage control. While defending his concept, he still managed to prop up the old “If I offended anyone, I’m sorry” bromide. Come on Marcellus, you’re better than that.

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Martellus Bennett Invents Black Olympics — Yikes

I’m generally against censorship, but someone needs to take away Martellus Bennett’s access to YouTube, and it must be done today. As our friends at YOU BEEN BLINDED pointed out, the concept of a Black Olympics — eating chicken and watermelon and drinking Kool-Aid as timed events — might have been a funny concept if Dave Chappelle had done it. But in the hands of the Cowboys’ tight end, it’s … well, not good. Not good at all.

Martellus Bennett

If you’re a fan of Bennett’s YouTube rap career, please seek help immediately. You are not well. Not only did he commit the ultimate sin — rhyming “Romo” with “homo” (a stunning lack of imagination there) — he also sang about women farting. Just how does this help move society forward again? And now this dubious idea, in which he enlists the help of his brother, Seahawks’ DE Michael Bennett. (Video below). Read more…

Sheldon Brown Is Not A Fan Of Drew Rosenhaus

The NFL season kicks off in New York tonight, but even though the games count, it’s not officially the NFL season until Drew Rosenhaus does something to piss somebody off. Thankfully we have Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown, who isn’t a very big fan of Drew’s, and has no problem letting the world know about it.

Sheldon didn’t take to kindly to the video Rosenhaus put up on YouTube recently detailing the status of his new client Lito Sheppard’s attempts to get a new contract from the Eagles. He not only feels that Drew insulted him in the video, but he thinks that by hiring Rosenhaus, Sheppard just might kill his career.

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Brent Musburger Now Cyberstalking Erin Andrews

Here’s a fun little find from COLLEGE HOOPS JOURNAL: Video of Brent Musburger and Steve Lavin creating yet another uncomfortable moment for Erin Andrews.

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The Dump: There Can Never Be Too Much Berman

BUSTED COVERAGE says it has interviewed the YouTube poster who put up four of the five now-famous Chris Berman videos. It kind of reads like an interview with a 14-year-old athlete, and I have no way of verifying the authenticity, but it’s worth a look. You’re with me, beard.

Chris Berman

• Some guy in Georgia played 502 rounds of golf in 2007. Who is the lucky Mrs. Jim Mahoney?

THE WIZARD OF ODDS takes one more look at Kevin Hart, complete with video.

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Candid Ana Ivanovic Photos Show Up On Random YouTube Account

HERE’S JUST HOW TO CELEBRATE THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE: Meet Darko, a Serbian gentleman who is apparently involved in real estate in Miami:

Darko YouTube

Darko is nice enough to crack us a window into his jet-setting world, courtesy countless YouTube slideshows.

Ana Ivanovic YouTube Candid Photos

Almost as interesting is Darko’s “friend”, tennis beauty Ana Ivanovic. Darko lets us know about their special relationship by posting lots (and lots) of photos of them together on YouTube (along with an advertisement for a website slapped across the middle of the pics).

Ana Ivanovic YouTube Candid Photos

Like you, we can’t think of a more appropriate way to cement a special friendship.