Canadian Cop Mom Attacks At Youth Soccer Match

Congratulations, U.S.A., we’re off the hook as the lone purveyor of inexplicable violence at youth sporting events, thanks to this tale of a disturbing attack at a 2006 U-13 girl’s soccer game in Hamilton, Ontario has finally surfaced. How did it come out? Well, some three years after the incident, the police officer who attacked an opposing child’s parent might finally get her due demotion.

woman mountie canada
(Hey, you might lose your marbles if you had to dress like this, too.)

According to the HAMILTON SPECTATOR, 40-year-old Constable Wendy Bromfield pleaded guilty to misconduct charges at a Police Services Act hearing earlier this week, all connected to a 2006 incident that started when she ratted out an player on the team opposing her daughter’s squad. The victim of Brumfield’s vigilante refereeing was ejected shortly thereafter, and Brumfield’s daughter’s team won the game.

That’s when things got interesting. One of the players from the losing team walked up to Bromfield, blamed her for the ejection and, because of that, the loss, spitting and cursing at her (according to Bromfield). And what happened when Brumfield brought the player over to the opposing team’s coach? She couldn’t constrain herself any more, and attacked the kid’s father.

Let’s see if we can make an equation out of this: Either Canadian cops > or = Los Angeles riot cops. Right? That seems straight, doesn’t it? Maybe we forgot to carry a one.

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Toddlers Getting Tested For Special Sports Genes

It’s finally happened: Science is now officially helping parents — and professional sports organizations — target more athletic children, and choosing which sport to steer them to when they’re still very, very young. In fact, if you’re kid is more than eight years old, well, they’ve missed their shot at athletic specialization. So sorry.

soccer kiddos

(Should you tell the kids they’re ping pong players, or should I?)

According to a report from the website for WANE TV in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a company in Boulder, Colo. is offering a $149 test for a gene they say can predict which sports a child will be more inclined to succeed at. By targeting a specific sport, Atlas Sports Genetics claims that a young athlete is more likely to maximize his or her potential and actually make the quantum leap so few do into the collegiate and, potentially, professional realm. That last line alone almost surely has professional soccer franchises lining up their testing kits for the next trip to Brazil and Argentina.

If this all sounds like it’s weird science, well, it is. Atlas and other companies which will surely pop up are testing for the gene ACTN3, a gene on the 11th chromosome which, allegedly, can determine whether a person would be best at speed and power sports, endurance sports, or some combination in between the two extremes.

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America’s Funniest Zapruder-Style Football Videos

• It was a big day for grainy video of youth football controversy. First, some high school kicker abused the the goal post support, Phil Dawson-style (but didn’t get the call). Then, some youth coach just flat-out abused an opposing player.

Gooseneck goalpost betrays high school officials

• Paraguayan javelin-thrower Leryn Franco is nippin’ out on the runway. She’ll use the photo for her Christmas card like Elaine Benes did.

• Don’t expect a closing baseball stadium to just let you stroll in and scoop up your dead father.

Brett Favre’s home in Wisconsin has decided it’s time to move on, and is going forward in finding a new owner.

• Lions fans should be pretty excited that they’re still going to go 12-4, according to Roy Williams. The Cubs are also going to be the only team to come back from a 3-0 deficit in a best-of-five series.

• Just when you thought we’d gotten rid of Kevin Costner once and for all, it’s time for a Bull Durham sequel. Read more…

Football Coach Smacks 11-Year-Old Player In Head

Ah, the great tradition of the postgame handshake line. Two teams arrange themselves single-file after a hard-fought battle and half-heartedly slap hands while muttering various incarnations of “good game.” It’s one of the rituals of sportsmanship, when you can put behind what just happened on the field and express appreciation for the spirit of competition. Or, if you’re a youth football coach in Missouri, it’s the perfect opportunity to whack a child in the head.

coach hitting youth football player

In a game between teams in the Park-Rock Football Association in suburban St. Louis, a coach for one team was apparently upset at one of the opposing team’s players. So he took it out on him by shoving him violently in the face during the aforementioned postgame exhange of pleasantries. Naturally, the whole thing was caught on video and immediately plastered on the Internet.

Video after the jump.
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Football Coach Attacks 8-Year-Old on Other Team

Ahhh. Coach-on-opposing-player violence that involves a grown man and a young child is just about as a refreshing thing as there comes in America these days. Seriously, who doesn’t love to read about some adult going bonkers on a kid during a youth sports contest? Oh, of course. Everyone.

Ferrell coach

Which makes Kyle Cantz the biggest loser in America on Monday, when the story that he chokeslammed some eight-year-old starts to make the rounds. FOX NEWS in Philly assaults the airwaves with the news, including a video interview with Isiah Johnson and his dad Jonathan, that Cantz is currently roaming the streets despite being arrested. Read more…