Wright, Kuroda Feeling Impact Of Scary Incidents

It was not a good night to be the noggin of an MLB player last night, as there were two scary incidents that left players with concussions that could have been much, much worse. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that either Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Hiroki Kuroda or New York Mets third baseman David Wright will have long-term issues resulting from their incidents on Saturday night.

David Wright and Hiroki Kuroda

The first to go down was Wright, who took a 93-mph fastball from the Giants’ Matt Cain to the side of the head. He stayed down for several minutes but eventually walked off under his own power. The was taken to the hospital where, as Yogi Berra may or may not have said, “they took X-rays of my head and found nothing.”

Video of the incident after the jump, including the sickening sound of ball meeting helmet:

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Week In Review: Models Hit The Altar w/Athletes

• Sorry, fellas - Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima is officially off the market after eloping with Memphis Grizzlies guard Marko Jaric.

Adriana Lima Gisele Bundchen

• Meanwhile, fellow lovely lingerie poser Gisele Bundchen has finally made an honest man out of Tom Brady.

• Could Gina Carano soon be following in Adriana’s & Gisele’s high heels? After all, she just did a spread for Maxim - while her bra is up for bids.

• Speaking of awesome auctions, a Mickey Mantle-autographed “F*** Yogi” baseball was on the block. But Mickey’s son may be calling foul.

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Boom Goes The Oscars; A Very Perverted Coach

• And the Oscar goes to … Will Smith, for “Boom Goes The Dynamite!”

Boom Goes The Dynamite guy Will Smith

• An Oregon basketball coach has sex with underage girls, then waits until the statute of limitations runs out before admitting to it. You stay classy, Howard Avery!

• So much for skimming off of MLB prospects’ contracts to fund gay clubs.

• A Moroccan woman overcomes homelessness, an arranged marriage and a maternal beatdown to win in her MMA debut.

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Mickey Mantle’s “F*** Yogi” Autograph On Sale

Darren Rovell of CNBC turned up this fun piece of Mickey Mantle memorabilia recently:

Mickey Mantle F Yogi Ball


It’s of course referencing the Yankees catcher Yogi Berra, who Mantle played with for so many years. Mantle and Yogi got along just fine. But some collectors have said that when Mantle wasn’t in his best form, you could get him to write almost anything.

This apparently was a good test.

The NSFW image of the ball is after the jump.

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Now You Can Buy Athletes’ Awful, Awful Artwork

Some charity auctions offer you the chance to hang out with an athlete, and learn from the greatest. Others allow you to own a piece of sports history. Then there are auctions where you bid on drawings that look like they could have been done by the athlete’s 6-year-old grandchild. Whoever’s selling this crap better be glad it’s for charity.

Yogi Berra Art

That’s Yogi Berra’s masterpiece. I’m sorry, but does it say “Stay Away, yo” down there at the bottom? Gangster.

Doodle For Hunger is a worthy cause, though the name seems to imply they’re supporting hunger. And it’s a nice gesture for the athletes and celebrities who contributed their, uh, “art.” Because, as WITH LEATHER says, “there’s something really enjoyable about seeing pro athletes being absolutely terrible at something.” Still, you’d have to put it on the fridge just so Yogi doesn’t feel dejected. (More athlete artistic abortions, after the jump.)

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Madonna Was Once All Ga-Ga Over Joe DiMaggio

Seems that A-Rod isn’t the only Yankee Madonna has had her eyes on.

The NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX reveals what other well-known Bronx Bomber the Material Girl thought was the, um, bomb. Derek Jeter? Jason Giambi? Mariano Rivera?

Joe DiMaggio Madonna

Try Joe DiMaggio.

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