Versus Goes ‘Around The Horn’ With Cam Hotties

Sports cable TV outlet Versus recently launched a new show called Fanarchy. The production is loosely based on the ESPN’s Around The Horn, but instead of sportswriters, the Versus version features webcam-tethered fans as the protagonists.

Versus Fanarchy Features Women On Webcam Stripping

From the show’s website:

Each week the webcammers will stake out hard-core opinions (not necessarily expert, but always entertaining) and do battle. EVERY sports fan has an opinion, and on this show they’ll get an opportunity to share it. Instead of the tired old formula of sports-writers and generic TV talking heads spewing endless stats, calculating salary cap numbers and reading from steroids subpoenas, these sports fans are rabid, ready to do battle and unrelenting in their opinions. … (Nobody is above the fray, but some people do have fancier webcams).

It’s easy to mock Versus for something like this, but I give them credit for taking a chance and trying something different. The show isn’t my cup of tea, but I’m not in the show’s target demographic.

Versus Fanarchy Features Women On Webcam Stripping

(For encore airing, may have to wait for funds to settle)

That is, I thought I wasn’t - until I saw the performance of some female fans on cam. Read more…

T.O. Finds Perfect Source For Attention: His Blog

From the “Why hasn’t this happened already?” department comes news of Cowboys wide receiver/narcissistic superfreak Terrell Owens‘ personal blog on YARDBARKER, making him the latest professional athlete to link up with the user-generated web site. If T.O.’s first entry is any indication, we’re going to see a whole lot of discussion whenever he writes anything.

Terrell Owens
(Finally, a chance for T.O. to do this in words.)

For the record, Owens’ first post consisted of three sentences, with a total of 50 words (punctuation not included), all directed as a subtle shot toward former Vikings wideout-turned-ESPN announcer and commentator Cris Carter. Of course, Carter started the whole virtual slap-fight himself when he said, when asked what he’d do with Owens, that he’d “take one bullet and put it right in (him). Bam!

That sounds like a legitimate beef to us, and Owens tactfully — or in what seems to be a tactful manner — declined to order a jihad on Cris, instead trying to subtly turn the tables on the comment. Of course, that hasn’t kept the commentators from obliterating T.O. in the post’s threads, with a predominantly Philadelphia crowd calling out Owens’ entire career within the parameters of the Carter comment.

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Guest List: Cuban, Simmons, King, Glazer … SbB?

The sports business industry’s magazine of record, SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL, has a feature today on must-visit sports websites, and I’m happy to report that SbB is prominently featured:

SportsBusiness Journal's Must-Read Sports Destinations

The piece is preceded with this description: “We have our own must-read sports destinations on the Web, and we asked others for their list of hot reads.

A host of writers and websites are noted, including, Bill Simmons, Peter King, Jay Glazer, Mark Cuban and Buster Olney, among others.

So just how in holy hell did we end up invited to that party? Read more…

Brog: Now I Can Stop Stealing The Neighbor’s WiFi

Lots going on behind the scenes for the good ship SbB the past month or so. So here’s a State of SbB address of sorts…

Brooks Broadcasting in Los Angeles

(I’m back on ESPN 710AM in Los Angeles tomorrow at 3:25 PT)

I’m about to dive into dishing sports celebrity gossip via regular radio appearances. Tomorrow, I’ll kick it off by appearing on two flame-throwing sports radio stations - in Los Angeles and Milwaukee.

Mason & Ireland ESPN Radio 710am

At 3:25 PT I’ll appear in L.A. on KSPN-AM’s (710) “Mason & Ireland Show,” with Steve Mason and John Ireland.

Drew Olson 540 AM ESPN Milwaukee The D-List

And at 9:05 AM PT I’ll be on 540 AM ESPN Radio in Milwaukee, appearing on Drew Olson’s show, “The D-List.”

Whenever I’m doing radio live, I’ll have a front page link to the audio (when available) - and the show’s web page. And we’ll have a special radio page linked in the Brooks box that will detail all the stations I’ll be appearing on regularly. I’ll have more details on the additional shows and stations that we have lined up for appearances shortly. Probably get that page up tonight.

We’re not screwing around, we’re going on with the top personalities and stations in North America. Can hardly wait to get it rolling. If you want me on your show, or have a suggestion on where I should appear, email me at

From the SbB BizDev Dept.: We’ve signed a deal to join the network. Logo

As you may know, Yardbarker is a sports blog network of over 600 sites (including SbB favorites AA and EDSBS), and hosts the official blogs of athletes like Baron Davis and Greg Oden, Donovan McNabb and Darren McFadden. The network is undergoing scary growth, roughly doubling its audience in the past couple months.

Yardbarker Nude Girl

( deal for SbB will help our bottom line. And our financials too.)

In case you’re wondering, the deal will not change the content or look of SbB one iota. I’m excited about the partnership as it should really help us grow SbB in more ways than one.

I’m also proud to present Barry’s Tickets and as the official ticket supplier of 888 820 8499 Buys And Sells Tickets Concerts Sports Theater

(Yeah, I know it’s an ad. And your point is?)

Like other countless Southern Californians, I’ve bought tickets on my own from Barry Rudin for years, many that I used for SbB events. So it’s pretty damn exciting to have him sponsoring the site.

Barry’s Tickets is the biggest ticket broker on the west coast, so you can count on him giving you the absolute best deal (and service) on tix to sporting events, concerts and theatre shows. And he’ll also buy your tickets. Just hit him at or 888 820 8499 (put that # in your phone, you WILL need it someday, trust me). 888 288-9338 Buys And Sells Tickets Concerts Sports Theater

Again, I’ve been doing business with Barry’s Tickets for years now. He was my go-to well before I met him, and started doing business with him. Over the next 12 months, I will be attending some of the biggest sports events (and concerts) thanks to tickets from Barry - many times with the SbB Girls in tow (not a bad cargo, thank you very much).

In the case of the sporting events, I will live blog from the venue (like we did from the Final Four and the MLB All Star Game), and of course get plenty of pix for SbB posts. (Uh yeah, Barry rocks.) Read more…

Brog: Joey Chestnut Beaten By Yardbarker Editor

By now you probably are (unwittingly) aware that a fine fellow named Joey Chestnut is the top dog in the (unfortunate) world of competitive eating. So I was a little skeptical when the folks at YARDBARKER told me their managing editor, Dewey Hammond, recently defeated Chestnut in a beer-chugging contest.

Joey Chestnut Upset In Beer Chugging Contest by Dewey Hammond of Yardbarker Dot Com

But, it’s true. Video after the jump.

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Best Part Of SB Week (Besides Alex Smith’s Wife)

We don’t need to tell you that just because there are a lot of people doing the sports blogging thing doesn’t mean those blogs are worth reading. But when it comes to the Super Bowl, some choice bloggers saved Super Bowl week for us.

Alex Smith's Wife Carson Palmer Chris Mottram

First off, they made us realize that we should never, ever consider attending the week-long media charade leading up to the game - at least as a reporter. Second, over the past five days those folks have actually had the temerity to make things interesting. Not because the people and events covered were worthy of note, but because of the comedic and insightful writings of those bloggers. So here they are:

Chris Mottram of the THE SPORTING BLOG. Be sure and check out his “stalker” photo essay - which is the funniest thing we saw all week. More importantly, check out the photo of Alex Smith’s smokin’ wife.

Read more…

We’d Almost Given Up On The Athletes’ Blog Thing

When it comes to books *authored* by athletes, we’ve always been dubious of ghostwriters. That is, until we started attempting to read edit-free blogs written by athletes. We find most of them to be spectacularly narcisstic and boring, with a few notable exceptions (Gil Arenas is the best read).

Greg Oden is a sports community that’s all-in when it comes to athletes’ blogs (Baron Davis, Donovan McNabb, Greg Oden). One of the first big names landed by the site was Oden. And from what we’ve read the past year, his blog is the best on the site.

Oden starting writing when he was just out of college, so he still had the candor that is absent from most NBA players caught up in the league’s marketing complex. He also suffered a catastrophic injury, which knocked his ego down a peg or two (not that he had much of one to begin with).

Anyway, Oden’s latest blog entry compelled us to link to it. It’s about the circumstances surrounding the death of his best friend, and how he is coping. It’s worth a read, and his blog is worth a bookmark.