Time For Another Dignified Yankees Victory Parade

As I type this, workers in New Jersey (yes, New Jersey) are working furiously like Santa’s elves, cobbling together the many floats that will be used in Friday’s Yankee victory parade. Route is the Canyon of Heroes to City Hotel, whatever that means, and post time is 11 a.m. Please do not feed or approach Joba Chamberlain.

Yankees parade 2000

Obviously the parade route passes by the Bank of New York, because that’s where these two ladies felt compelled to show their team spirit during the last Yankees victory parade, in 2000. By the time it was over they had completely stripped, and somehow found a blanket, with which they flashed the crowd — sort of like naughty smoke signals. Link to all of that following the jump.

But the bigger question: Will LeBron-bron and his infamous Yankees cap be in attendance? The Cavaliers are in town to play the Knicks tomorrow, after all. Photos of him at the parade — or better yet, in one of the floats — should go over really well in Cleveland. Read more…