W.S. Ticket Flap Latest Of Yankee Stadium Follies

How strange an opening season has it been for the new Yankee Stadium? The ticket prices were so astronomical that thousands of empty seats remained even in the playoffs, Peter Gammons called it the biggest joke in baseball, and they served hot dog buns that were apparently cooked when Babe Ruth built their last stadium. Oh, and just for good measure, it’s already falling apart.

Yankees Ticket Window
(What makes you think that these people would know anything about the ticket situation? Does it say “Tickets” somewhere? Oh crap, that’s exactly what it says. Uh-oh.)

The operative problem here is the tickets; since the Yankees have no qualms about pricing themselves out of a sellout, the possibility of picking up some remaining tickets lingered on through yesterday and today. And by possibility, of course, we mean “the team not telling fans that it was sold out.” Not a huge problem, until you realize that 200 of those fans happened to be camped out at the stadium waiting for hours and hours in the middle of a rainstorm, waiting for those nonexistent tickets. Then we’ve got trouble.

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