Brog: So Where Were Those Yankee Baby Killers?

I had some fun seats right behind the left field wall (no, not the bleachers) for the MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium - which served as my live blog perch throughout the evening.

Brooks at MLB All Star Game in Yankee Stadium

Thank goodness they weren’t anything like this. (Isn’t it brand new?)

Tuffy and S2N have mostly covered all that there is to cover about the game. But I did want to chime in on Jonathan Papelbon claiming his pregnant wife’s life was threatened during the pregame parade yesterday.

Jonathan Papelbon MLB AllStar Game Red Carpet Parade

(Paps, pregnant wife not too concerned about smears here?)

I happened to be 10 feet from Papelbon for about 30 minutes, during most of his time on the parade route, and I didn’t hear anyone saying such things. Read more…