Oxford Rugby Parties Like It’s Germany, 1944!

Apparently, the new sports fad making the rounds lately is people just being completely racist! Thanks to our friends across the pond, we now have a new story to put up alongside such recent hits as the infamous Spain basketball team photo, the Justin Timberlake joke that never was, and today’s story about ESPN’s canceled ad campaign: a “Bring a Pretty Jew” theme party sponsored by the Oxford rugby team!


(No word on if the team has scheduled a “Running of the Jew”.)

According to THE GUARDIAN, the rugby team members were encouraged to, as the title suggests, bring a pretty Jewish girl to the party. From there, things got even more hilariously racist as a few of the rugby players were reportedly sporting “sidelocks”, the traditional curly sideburns seen in the Hasidic Jewish community, and also carrying around “bags of money”. You know, because if it’s one thing the Jewish people love, it’s money!

One thing they don’t love: Being made fun of!

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